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Mulberry flowering & fruiting bonsai with elegant trunk

Product Code: OD905


A beautiful sweeping Mulberry bonsai in rich royal blue pot – a wonderful open structure allows the viewer to appreciate the full three dimensional and serpentine design and structure.

The mulberry (Morus) tree has royal associations dating back to Tudor times. The mulberry tree has a lovely habit and becomes crooked and gnarled with time, making an architectural feature. It has attractive leaves and tasty fruit which are similar to blackberries.
This delightful, informal upright bonsai tree has a lovely tranquil air with elegant trunk flow. It has such beautiful soft pink blossom in the spring and very well defined exposed roots.
It has stunning, lush green foliage and well-positioned branches with a delightful winding main trunk flow. Exposed roots are another lovely feature.
The mulberry tree has come to represent different ideas among different cultures. It has been the sign of nature, faith and growth.

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The following meanings of this lovely tree include:

  • Caring
  • Exploring
  • Providing
  • Nurturing
  • Attraction
  • Survivalist
  • Adventurous

In the months of spring, it displays pretty pink or white flowers. The fruits are superb and are not dis-similar to blackberries and are edible.
Supplied with our bonsai tree care handbook. An easy bonsai to care for making it ideal for beginners. Potted into a cheerful & jolly blue ceramic bonsai pot.

Plenty of seasonal variation with fruits and flowers.

This is the bonsai tree you will receive!
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