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Orchard-Style Jade Bonsai with Distinctive Leaves

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Fantastically designed money tree bonsai which displays textured bark and excellent root exposure.

This is the exact bonsai which you will receive!
This Jade bonsai has distinctive gem-like leaves, they are vivid and vibrant. The fabulous branch placement allows light to flow between.
This tree is supported by an informal upright trunk that leads up to a round canopy of well balanced foliage.
The exceptional root exposure adds immense character to this tree.
This bonsai is centred in a metallic black ceramic pot, accompanied by a matching ceramic tray.
Jade trees are symbolic of good luck and prosperity, making it an especially fitting gift for someone beginning a new phase of their life.
This is an incredibly easy indoor bonsai species to care for – it requires less frequent watering than most bonsai.

I really enjoy the design of this woodland-style Jade tree. The branches have been excellently crafted and the placement, alongside the fresh gem-shaped leaves, has created a gorgeous foliage canopy.

Free care instructions are included.
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This variety has been shown to be effective in carbon absorption (binding atmospheric carbon which is responsible for climate change) and aids in the fight for Clean Air. It can absorb more carbon from the earth’s atmosphere than most other plants and is extremely efficient and effective.

With lovely meanings of good luck and prosperity, I think this is the perfect gift!

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