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Petite Orchard-Style Flowering Indoor Oriental Tea Tree Bonsai – Absolutely charming

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Miniature Flowering Indoor Tea Tree Bonsai with Petite White Flowers in Summer and Luscious Foliage – Very Strong Artistic Appeal and Design.

This is the exact bonsai which you will receive!
This is a flourishing flowering Carmona Microphylla bonsai with highly artistic style and gnarly features. 
The Oriental Tea Tree Bonsai is a favourite amongst bonsai enthusiast with its lush green leaves and dainty summertime white flowers.
This bonsai tree has an orchard-style trunk which gives the tree a woodland appearance.
This bonsai has wonderful branch placement which forms a captivating foliage canopy of fresh green leaves.
The tree itself, known also by its Latin name the ‘Carmona microphylla’, radiates courage and it is often given as a gift to show a declaration of love.
It comes in a jet black ceramic bonsai pot, with a matching ceramic drip tray.

This 10-year-old flowering indoor bonsai is absolutely charming, from its dainty white flowers in the summer months, glossy green leaves highlighted by the sleek black pot and very pretty woodland structure. Known as the tree of love a devotion this bonsai would make a fab gift.

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