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Fukien Tea Tree Flowering Indoor Bonsai – Good Luck

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A wonderful twisty Oriental styled indoor bonsai which is highly artistic in appearance and displays tiny white flowers during summer months.

Convey your best wishes with the enchanting “Good Luck” Gift featuring a stunning flowering bonsai! Embark on a journey of well-wishing with this botanical treasure that radiates beauty, resilience, and sincere intentions. At its heart is an impressive eight-year-old Fukien Tea Tree bonsai, a living testament to strength and growth. Adorned with a twisty trunk, textured bark, and small serrated green leaves, this bonsai emanates a natural grace and tranquillity.

Elegantly potted in a navy blue ceramic pot, the bonsai transforms into a visual masterpiece of sophistication. A dark-coloured drip tray not only adds to its elegance but also ensures practicality in maintaining the vitality of the bonsai. The gift package includes a thoughtful “Good Luck” tag, expressing sincere wishes for success and positive outcomes. The Fukien Tea Tree, or Carmona microphylla, symbolises courage, heart, love, and devotion, adding profound meaning to this gesture.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this bonsai becomes a living embodiment of encouragement and well-wishing. Be it a new venture, an exam, or any other endeavour, the “Good Luck” Gift serves as a unique and cherished token of support.

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This bundle includes:

Flowering Oriental Tea Tree (Carmona microphylla) Twisty Indoor Bonsai - Standard Size 8 years old

Small Drip Tray

Wooden Tag - Good Luck

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