A guide to your essential bonsai tools.

Are you new to the art of Bonsai? Are you struggling to figure out which tools are essential for you and your trees? Or do you already have a beginners tool kit and you are looking to invest in some higher quality tools?
We have a great selection of beginners tools and higher quality tools to suit all levels of bonsai enthusiast.

We recommend you have our Bonsai Direct care handbook, a watering can, soil scoop, mesh, our bonsai mist (or spray bottle of water), wire, an insecticide and our bonsai feed.

Let’s start with the basic tools:

Pruning Scissors – possibly the most important tool for a bonsai. These scissors can be used to cut shoots, fine roots and tiny branches, ensure they are kept sharp for a neat cut.

Heavy duty Chinese Shears – ideal for larger hands when pruning! They are also extremely useful for root pruning.

Concave Branch Cutters (180mm) – these cutters are perfect for cutting branches that are up to 10cm in diameter.

Knob Cutters (180mm) – this tool is great for cutting lumps and bumps up to 10mm thick.

Root Rake / Spatula – a fantastic double ended tool. It is perfect for repotting your bonsai or scraping moss from the soil.

Root Rake / Tweezers – another excellent tool for repotting, the tweezers are great for removing small things and needle removal.

Wire Cutters – a tool everyone needs in their kit. Very self explanatory, cuts bonsai wire whether you are repotting a bonsai or styling the branches.

Pliers – ideal for stripping bark and tightening or removing wire.

Looking for something more? Let’s have a look at some higher quality tools:

Root Cutters (210mm / 270mm) – these cutters are ideal for pruning the roots of large bonsai, especially if the bonsai has been growing on in the ground. They will cut roots that are up to 15cmm thick easily.

Trunk Splitter – this tool is perfect for creating characteristic features through the trunk.

Coir Brush – this brush is brilliant for arranging soil on a newly potted bonsai. They are also good for gently tamping soil surface.

Turntable – these are very useful to have so that you can turn your tree around easily when working on it.

Rotary Tool – these are used for carving and cutting deadwood.

Chopstick – whilst not essential, these are so handy when it comes to repotting.

Wound Sealant – this helps to prevent diseases and infections on part of the tree which has been carved or wounded.

The list goes on but these are tools we recommend when starting out bonsai and when learning more about the art & styling side of the bonsai world.