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Cute Chinese Elm (Ulmus Parvifolia) Bonsai with Beautiful Shape

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A Beautifully Styled Chinese Elm Bonsai with Highly Defined Trunk Flow, Superb Exposed Root.

This is the bonsai you will receive!
This is a wonderful example of a Chinese Elm (Ulmus parvifolia) bonsai tree.
This bonsai has a simply elegant trunk flow, grown into a spectacular serpentine shape, with branches carefully positioned at each turn.
This bonsai has emphasised clusters of the Chinese Elm’s lightly serrated leaves, displaying a vibrant emerald green.
The start of this bonsai’s Nebari (exposed roots) beautifully frames the base of its trunk.
The proportions of both tree and pot working together are a true example of a bonsai tree and its native meaning, making this bonsai well balanced and exemplary.
Comes potted in a classic cream ceramic bonsai pot with matching drip tray.
A highly unique bonsai, that would make a great gift.

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