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Flowering & Fruiting Roseapple Bonsai Gift – There is Only One Happiness

Product Code: VAL79

Blooming Love: The Perfect Valentine’s Day Bonsai!

Dive into the enchanting world of the Roseapple Myrtle, also known as Syzygium buxifolium, a mesmerising bonsai variety that celebrates both fruiting and flowering beauty. This woodland-style bonsai boasts an upright trunk adorned with naturally miniature leaves, creating a captivating aesthetic that’s sure to delight your Valentine.

Experience the magic of this Valentine’s Day tree, which enchants with its seasonal allure throughout the year. During the summer, watch as the foliage tips blush with a vibrant red hue, while delicate cream flowers bloom, adding an elegant touch to the canopy. As autumn sets in, small cherry-like fruits emerge, gracefully floating beneath the lush foliage, enhancing the bonsai’s appeal even further.

Presented in a navy blue pot and accompanied by an appropriately sized drip tray, this 6-year-old bonsai is a masterpiece of nature’s artistry. As an extra touch of romance, this gift includes a wooden hanging tag inscribed with the heartfelt message: “There is only one happiness in life, to love & to be loved,” making it the ultimate expression of affection for your special someone.

Symbolising love, good fortune, long life, and joyful living, the Roseapple Myrtle bonsai is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to convey your deepest emotions.

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This bundle includes:

Orchard Style Oriental Myrtle (Syzygium Buxifolium)

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Plastic bonsai drip tray

Wooden Tag - There is only one happiness in life

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