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Sensational Evergreen Juniper Bonsai – An all time favourite

Product Code: OD680


A sensational little Chinese Juniper Bonsai in a very pretty royal blue oval pot; extremely tasteful and well proportioned tree with extremely artistic design. Exposed mountain style roots complete of the composition.

This is an absolutely magnificent little Chinese Juniper (Juniperus chinensis) Bonsai Tree with a very characteristic and artistic S-Shaped trunk and lovely twisting shape. The position and styling of the majestic bonsai give it a graceful, yet natural woodland style. This lovely little bonsai has small purple berries as it matures.
Most commonly, these berries are connected to good health and healing. They have also variously been linked with animals, aphrodisiacs, fertility, fortune, secrets, love, protection and strength.
A wonderful little miniature bonsai classic which is great fun to grow, prune and wire to shape.
A perfect and traditional bonsai for beginners – very hardy
The bark is lovely and flaky adding age and character; a sensational little bonsai with beautiful character. Exposed roots are another lovely feature of this particular bonsai tree.

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