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Discover our range of bonsai care products designed to keep your beloved bonsai healthy, vibrant, and thriving year-round. From specialised fertilisers to essential pruning tools, we have everything you need to ensure your bonsai’s well-being.

Bonsai Fertiliser: Nourish your bonsai with our specially formulated fertiliser, enriched with essential nutrients to promote healthy growth and vibrant foliage.

Pruning Scissors: Keep your bonsai in shape with our high-quality pruning scissors. Designed for precision and ease of use, our scissors make it easy to trim and shape your bonsai’s branches and foliage, ensuring it maintains its desired form.

Watering Cans: Ensure your bonsai receives the perfect amount of water with our range of watering cans. We have a lovely range of colours to suit any home.

It doesn’t end there, we have many more extras to add! With our range of bonsai care products, you can ensure your bonsai receives the care it deserves, helping it thrive and flourish for years to come. Shop now and invest in the health and longevity of your beloved bonsai.

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  • Bonsai Care Kit (T95)

    Beginners Bonsai Care Kit – The Essentials

  • Bonsai watering can, invigirator mist and feed

    Bonsai Maintenance Kit | Bonsai Tree Watering Kit – Choose the watering can colour!

  • Bonsai Mist - For Healthy Bonsai Trees

    Bonsai Mist – 300ml spray

  • Bonsai Tree Wiring Kit

    Bonsai Tree Wiring Kit

  • Bonsai feed, snips and mist - The Bonsai basics for care

    Beginners Bonsai Basics – Great Care Essentials for all Bonsai Varieties

  • Akadama Bonsai Potting Soil (T79)

    Akadama Soil | Bonsai Soil – Small 2L Bag [FREE SHIPPING AVAILABLE]

  • Bonsai Watering Set

    Bonsai Watering Kit – Choose the watering can colour!

  • Small bonsai pruning scissors

    Small Bonsai Pruning Scissors – Great Value

  • Chinese Bonsai Pruning Scissors

    Chinese Long- Handled Bonsai Pruning Scissors

  • Quality bonsai tree root shears

    Chinese Top Quality Bonsai Root Shears

  • Comprehensive Kit with fantastic bonsai tools UK

    Comprehensive Bonsai Tool Kit

  • Bonsai tree care kit for indoor & outdoor trees

    Comprehensive Bonsai Tree Care Kit

  • Nickel bonsai tree mister for sale

    Nickel Finish Bonsai Tree Mister – Silver

  • Brass Bonsai tree mister

    Brass Finish Bonsai Mister

  • The Bonsai Direct Care Handbook

    The Bonsai Direct Care Handbook


Showing all 15 results

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