Sensational gifts for brothers & sisters

Perfect gift for your sister

Special Sister – £50
(Fruiting bonsai kit)

Unusual Gifts for your Brother or Sister…

Gifts for brothers / sisters can be so difficult to choose sometimes, that the first thing to hand is chosen to simply relieve the hassle.

Don’t be that brother / sister who buys the usual gift. Gift a bonsai, and you can say so much more.

It’s unique and – with our various options – can be highly customised.

A stunning indoor bonsai gift will brighten their home and bring a little of nature indoors.
The perfect eco-gift which is fun to grow and style.
Send it with lovely messages to tell your brother or sister how much they mean to you.
FREE delivery available on all gifts & choose the delivery date.

Gifts for sisters and brothers can be hard sometimes, particularly when they’re slightly older. They have everything they need, and anything they don’t have is too expensive for a present!

Gifting a bonsai is the perfect way to get around this problem. Moreover, it’s a way of gifting something that’s unique, special and really very reasonably priced.

Further, giving something natural is always a good for mental wellbeing, and providing it’s looked after, will consequently be there for a long time to come.