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MAY PREMIUM INDOOR BONSAI BARGAIN – Commanding Indoor Ficus Bonsai Tree with Outstanding Trunk

Product Code: PF202


An Absolutely Spectacular Fig Bonsai in a Royal Blue Pot with Amazing Character, an Outstanding Trunk and Deep Green Glossy Leaves – Truly Sensational!

This is the bonsai you will receive!
An outstanding Ficus bonsai, with an incredible sweeping trunk and striking fresh canopy full of deep green glossy leaves.
The trunk has wonderful silver striations that cross the bark giving this tree so much character.
The exposed roots add ages and make this Bonsai truly artistic and interesting.
Comes potted in a sleek royal blue ceramic pot, with matching drip tray.
A This is a very artistic bonsai that can continue to be shaped and styled.
Highly recommended and truly beautiful. This tree would also be ideal in any home or office environment.
A very easy bonsai to care for, this would be the perfect tree for a beginner.
The Fig symbolises fertility and love.

This Fig is really striking, the pattern on the trunk is really beautiful whilst the exposed roots make this tree look strong and commanding. As this particular species symbolises love and fertility, this could make a wonderful gift.

Comes with care instructions.

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