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Flowering Tea Tree Tiny Bonsai Tree and Drip Tray

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This bundle includes:

Flowering Tea Tree Tiny Bonsai Tree & white flowers

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Plastic bonsai drip tray

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A charming and artistically crafted shohin bonsai adorned with delicate summer white blooms and stunning glossy green leaves.

This tiny bonsai boasts charming white blossoms that grace the summer months, complemented by delicate, well-proportioned green foliage with smooth edges. Its leaves cluster neatly, ensuring both the flowers and branch structure shine through. This bonsai is a captivating work of art, featuring a creamy textured bark. It thrives in a warm indoor setting, keeping the soil just damp at all times, making it an excellent choice for rooms with a slightly higher temperature.

The Fukien Tea tree stands as a stunning and artistic bonsai, showcasing its beautiful white flowers. It is in a blue ceramic bonsai pot complete with a drip tray, enhancing its overall appeal and ensuring proper care.

Bonsai trees have significant meanings – this specific variety – The Oriental Tea Tree signifies courage, heart, love & devotion. A beautiful meaning for a wonderful little addition to your home or office.

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