Where Should I Put My Bonsai?

Where should I put my indoor bonsai?

  • View our range of indoor bonsai for salePlace your bonsai on a humidity tray. This will catch the water draining through the holes in the bottom of the bonsai pot.
    This water will create some humidity around your bonsai, especially when the central heating is on. Please take care that the tray does not overflow onto your furniture and make sure that your bonsai does not sit in the water. If bonsai sit in water this can rot the roots and the bonsai can become weak.


  • Good daylight is essential to the health of a bonsai. During winter place your bonsai in the brightest place possible, trying to avoid hot objects like radiators and televisions. In summer time beware of hot south facing windows, a little sunlight morning or evening is beneficial, but too much and your bonsai could over heat. Basically, your bonsai needs a position with good daylight but out of direct sunlight.


2 thoughts on “Where Should I Put My Bonsai?”

  • Kay

    I recently received a ficus Gunseng in a small pot
    I just wanted to know should I report it in a Bonsai pot
    I don't want to reuine it . Many thanks

    • bonsaidirect

      If it needs repotting a bonsai pot would be perfect as it has very good drainage holes in the bottom.
      I hope this re-potting information helps you:
      Kind regards

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