Based on your selected criteria, we’ve selected the following bonsai tree for you:

The Ulmus parvifolia is the most popular indoor bonsai we grow. And not without good reason. A great bonsai for complete beginners. A truly beautiful variety with small bright green leaves. Evergreen when grown indoors but may be evergreen, semi-evergreen or deciduous when grown outdoors.
Ideal as a conservatory plant which would require extra watering when hot.
A bonsai with excellent twig structure & superb character throughout. Therefore, making it the beautiful representation of a woodland tree. In our opinion, this variety is the most perfectly proportioned, easy to care for and adaptable bonsai. It makes a superb bonsai!
Moreover, it can be grown either indoors or outdoors – but please protect from hard frosts if kept in the garden.
A bonsai tree with a wonderful meaning. ‘The tree of harmony’; A beautiful bonsai which symbolises love, balance, calm and peaceful energy.
Frequently purchased for the sentiment of love & devotion. We think it would make an astounding birthday or anniversary gift.
It is native to China, Japan, and other parts of East Asia. Chinese elm is widely cultivated and appreciated for its graceful appearance, adaptability, and resilience.

The Chinese Elm symbolises inner strength, intuition, wisdom & love.

  • Chinese Elm Bonsai Starter Pack
    Chinese Elm Bonsai Starter Pack – 12 years | Medium Size
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  • Top beginners Chinese Elm bonsai starter kit
    Outstanding Twisty Chinese Elm Bonsai Kit – choose the colour of the watering can!
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  • Indoor Bonsai Chinese Elm Set 3 (IDCE12) - Larger Size
    Indoor Bonsai Chinese Elm Set 3 (IDCE12) – Larger Size
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