Money Plant Bonsai (Jade / Portulacaria afra) – Known as the Lucky Money Tree Bonsai | Minimal Watering

Based on your selected criteria, we’ve selected the following bonsai tree for you:

The money plant is sometimes called the miniature Jade or Portulacaria afra tree.
The Money tree is an incredibly easy indoor bonsai variety to care for. Furthermore this gem of an indoor bonsai likes dry soil, and therefore will not require frequent watering.
It is a well-proportioned bonsai with a naturally compact habit. This bonsai grows beautifully as a ‘broom/orchard style’.
Moreover, it’s a perfect bonsai for beginners and those with less time for bonsai care.
It’s also known as the lucky money tree. We think a great feature is the natural tree-like craggy bark.

The Miniature Jade or Portulacaria afra symbolises good luck and prosperity.

Portulacaria afra features small, rounded, glossy green leaves that resemble the leaves of a jade plant (Crassula ovata). The stems are thick and fleshy, giving the plant a tree-like appearance. With proper care and training, it can develop an attractive bonsai form, characterized by a thick trunk and well-defined branches.

With regular pruning and wiring, you can create an aesthetically pleasing and miniature representation of a full-sized tree. They are relatively low-maintenance, making it suitable for beginners and busy plant enthusiasts. It benefits from weekly feeding and regular misting all year round to support healthy growth.