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This is a phenomenal English Oak (Quercus robur) with amazing attention to detail. This specific bonsai has been grown on our own nursery for nearly 25 years. We have enjoyed its journey from a little acorn into a mighty oak with absolutely superb root flare, gnarly character and superb proportions.
The oak is the king of the woodland in the UK and this bonsai reflects this. Superb taper of the trunk, clean lines and very well positioned branches. The leaves have reduced in size beautifully as you would expect from such a mature bonsai tree. Hollowed Uro’s add yet more character and the roots are as one would find on a walk through the english woodland where the soil has been naturally eroded.
This is a true specimen outdoor bonsai with fantastic artistic appeal.
I love the ceramic pot, it has Chinese engraving on one side and a bamboo leaf motif on the reverse side. It is coloured in a very tasteful deep teal which balances beautifully with the bonsai.
This is a very tasteful bonsai which would be enjoyed by a true artist or enthusaistic bonsai grower. An easy vareity of bonsai to care for and supplied with bonsai care handbook.
The use of Uro’s
Uro’s are small hollowed out or carved features in the trunk or branches of a bonsai tree. Just as you would find in an aged woodland tree; small branches, possibly minor trunks or even roots have died and rotted, falling away from the tree leaving wounds in the trunk. 
These environmental wounds will eventually heal over with bark. But, as the tree has continued to grow over the years and the wood inside the larger wounds has rotted away, hollows in the trunk have formed. In the bonsai world, Uro’s are formed by hand carving using skilled techniques and create superb details on quality bonsai.

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This is an exquisite 25 year old hardy Oak bonsai tree with truly superb characterisitcs.
The root flare (Nebari) is superb, wondeful aged trunk with uro’s for more character, wonderful trunk flow, well positioned branches, extremely artisitc throughout.

Height (cm): 47
Pot Size (cm): 33 x 23
Trunk Diameter (cm): 5
Age : 25 years
Bonsai Pot: Engraved ceramic bonsai pot
Deciduous Outdoor Bonsai

English Oak (Quercus robur)
Although I love all trees, the English Oak holds a special place in my heart. It was a natural progression for me to specialise in them. Our English Oak bonsai are fantastic representations of these majestic native trees. They form powerful trunks and main branches and make incredible bonsai. On most of our oak bonsai the leaf size is down to about 5cm (2") and on some of the older ones they are about 2.5cm (1") They are easy to care for and extremely hardy. A must for all tree and bonsai lovers. Prune to shape.

1 review for Specimen English Oak (Quercus robur) hardy bonsai for sale

  1. Jim

    I wish I could afford this

    This has to be one of the best proportioned Oak bonsai I have seen.I would love it.

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