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Rose Apple (Myrtle -Syzygium Buxifolium)

The stunning Syzygium Buxifolium is a native species to South Africa and is commonly called a Roseapple/Brush Cherry or Myrtle. They get their names from the small bright red fruits which have a cherry-like appearance.

Additionally, beautiful soft cream flowers precede the fruits are have wonderful long stamens which give them a star-burst appearance.
The leaves of this species are naturally small in size giving this bonsai as naturally dainty stature. The new leaves are often flushed with a blush-red colour and fade to a dark green. A easy variety to grow and ideal for beginners.

Furthermore, the Roseapple bonsai has been a symbol of love, hence has become an emblem for marriage. It is also believed to be the flower of the gods, being sacred to the Greek goddess Aphrodite, the goddess of love. … It also symbolizes good fortune. It is believed that cultivating a Roseapple plant will usher in peace and love to your home. This plant is also considered a representation for long life, as well as joyful living. It is very elegant bonsai tree that many people love to grow in their homes.

Ligustrum sinense (Olive Family)

Ligustrum sinense bonsai tree is fast-growing, easy to care for, fun to style and prune and ideal for learning wiring techniques. We think it’s perfect for beginners. The bonsai has a strong structure and highly defined shape. As a result, this beautiful little tree offers all the beauty of the Orient.

Displaying leaves in a fresh green in colour, and as the bonsai matures, pretty white flowers are displayed. The bark has a green hue and gnarly nature to it, just like a fully grown tree. This bonsai tree L. sinense symbolises peace and friendship.

Moreover, the leaf structure gives the bonsai tree an interesting shape with its somewhat crimped leaves. Therefore, quite unlike some of our other varieties.

In addition and for your help, we provide free care instructions on how to look after your bonsai tree are included with all orders.

Review: received 20th June 2018
I just wanted to contact you and say my Ligustrum arrived safely, excellently packaged, undamaged and exactly what I wanted. Thank you very much.
Regards Gareth Thomas


Showing all 8 results


Showing all 8 results

Very Easy Care Beginners Roseapple/Myrtle Indoor Bonsai

The Roseapple/Myrtle [Syzygium buxifolium] bonsai is one of the tougher species of indoor bonsai. Noted for its sensational soft cream flowers with long central stamens (like tiny roses in ivory). The summers flowers are replaced by soft red/pink/blush tiny round fruits in early autumn.

Additionally, this is a very cheerful species of indoor, perfect for beginners, with beautiful reddish bark. This bonsai tree also displays lovely blush red tips to the new leaves.

A superb little bonsai with naturally miniature proportions & beautifully symbolises love, good fortune, long life and joyful living thus making it the most perfect gift for most occasions. whatever the event, a treat for yourself, a birthday, Christmas or anniversary gift this stunning bonsai comes highly recommended.

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