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General bonsai advice

We recommend that all indoor bonsai are placed on a drip tray or saucer. Frequently called a humidity tray, these are ultimately to prevent damage to furniture. Please ensure that the bonsai does not actually sit in water.
If a small amount of water is left in the tray, this will increase the humidity around the bonsai. This is particularly important during winter months when the central heating.
However, it may be helpful to place the tray on a small mat to ensure that no damage is done to surfaces. 

The humidity around the bonsai can also be maintained by misting the foliage daily with a water.
This can be especially useful during the winter when the heating is on. This is in addition to watering the soil.

Spraying weekly with Bonsai Mist will help feed the leaves and deter pests, and will help your bonsai grow.

At Bonsai Direct we also spray once a week with a plant invigorator.
A plant invigorator is highly recommended as a preventative measure against pest and disease and also to helps promote growth.

Spraying monthly with an insecticide and fungicide is very good practice, and will prevent any pests and diseases.
If you already have a pest or disease, then it is essential to spray with an insecticide and fungicide.

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4 replies

  1. The soil around my bonsai tree is completely covered in some sort of green moss. I can’t see any soil and the green is sort of little leaves. Is this ok? It’s been like it for a while and the tree seems quite happy.
    I am considering re-potting it but don’t know what to do about this mysterious green stuff. Please help!

    1. Dear Abi,
      If it is green moss this is absolutely fine. If the leaf like things are lying flat on the soil then I suspect you have liverwort – this can just be scraped off with your fingers and the soil top dressed with some fresh soil.
      I hope this helps
      all the best
      Bonsai Direct Team

  2. Had my bonsai for nearly a year never had any issues with it. The last two days I have noticed little white bugs very small around the soil, pot and the bonsai. Looking online they do not look like mealy? any idea of what I can do?. thank you!

    1. Dear Darren, thanks for reaching out. It’s good to get these things checked out. Please can you kindly send an email with a photo to [email protected] and we can then give you the correct advice.
      many thanks The Bonsai Direct Team

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