Based on your selected criteria, we’ve selected the following bonsai tree for you:

Primarily, the Chinese Sweet Plum (Fruiting) or Sageretia theezans is a pretty indoor bonsai which has a great character at an early age due to the flaky bark revealing tones of red/tan. Futhermore,the stunning foliage has hints of rusty red turning to glossy green.
Flower, fruits and red-fushed leaves …
Firstly, small white flowers give rise to tiny plum-shaped fruits. These are purple in colour. A really pretty indoor bonsai and great for beginners.
Quick growing and highly recommended. Incidently, the bark also has a lovely red hue.
A lovely tree meaning… This bonsai symbolises protection, creativity, new life & warm wishes. Thus, making it a fabulous new baby gift idea.
Of all the species of indoor bonsai the Sweet Plum or Bird Plum as we have seen it referred, offers great diversity.