Indoor Bonsai Tree Meanings.

Bonsai Tree Meanings

Bonsai, in general, symbolise harmony, peace, order of thoughts, balance and all that is good in nature.

Chinese Elm (Ulmus parvifolia) - The tree of harmony. The Elm symbolises inner strength, intuition and wisdom. A beautiful bonsai which signifies love, balance, calm and a peaceful energy.

Fig (Ficus retusa) - The Fig symbolises fertility and love. The Bible indicates that the Fig tree has spiritual meaning. The tree that signifies health both spiritually and physically. A tree with energy.

Aromatic Pepper Tree (Zanthoxylum pipertum) - An outstanding bonsai with a fresh, fruity fragrance which symbolises purification, healing and protection.

Chinese Sweet Plum (Sageretia theezans) - Wonderful bonsai which displays beautiful tones of red/tan. This tree symbolises protection, health and wishes. Wonderfully signifies new life, renewal and creativity.

Tree of a Thousand Stars (Serissa foetida) - Commonly referred to as the Tree of a Thousand Stars or Snowrose. A dainty tree which symbolises well being, luck and hope.

Oriental Tea Tree (Carmona microphylla) - A stunning, artistic bonsai with beautiful white flowers which symbolises courage and 'heart'.

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