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My bonsai has been delivered and there aren’t many leaves, has it done a leaf drop?

New Buds Forming

Due to seasonal variations and the bonsai pruning process, your bonsai may arrive with only a few leaves. Or, depending on species, it may arrive with none at all (if the bonsai is a deciduous outdoor variety). This is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. All our bonsai are methodically checked, cleaned and pruned just before dispatch. Most bonsai do a leaf drop throughout the seasons.

Pruning is an essential part of the bonsai process. It is what keeps the bonsai small and in shape. Please see our bonsai pruning guides for more information. Leaves are beautiful but aesthetically, they are just the icing on the cake; The true beauty of the tree lies within. 

Take a walk through the woods during winter and the deciduous trees like Oak, beech and birch will all be void of leaves. This allows us to see and appreciate the parts of the tree that during summer are covered up. When spring breaks tiny buds break forth, and new leaves are born.

Whilst indoor bonsai do not drop all of their leaves during winter, they will drop the older ones. This can leave the branches looking a little bare for a few weeks, but over Spring you will see loads go green dots appearing. These dots form buds, which soon burst open, filling out the tree. We find this process extremely rewarding to experience, and we hope you do too.

New Leaves Growing

How can I encourage new buds to form?

The most important thing you can do is to keep the soil just damp to the touch, as explained in our watering video. This is essential for maintaining a healthy bonsai. Apart from this, please ensure that the bonsai has plenty of natural daylight, but is out of direct sunlight.

Misting the leaves and branches regularly with water or our bonsai mist will also encourage new buds, and will keep leaves looking fresh and healthy.

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