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Bonsai Care

I am facing bonsai tree issues, what should I do?

bonsai tree issues

If your bonsai tree is struggling or you are having issues for some reason, it can actually be quite easy to help it recover. This can take a little time and patience, but it is usually one small thing that needs changing.

The first thing to do is check if the bonsai is still alive. To do this, make a tiny nick just under the bark (and I mean TINY!). There should be a green layer right under the bark. if you reach a white layer, then you have gone too far. If there is a green layer, then the bonsai is still alive.

If your bonsai is still alive (yay!), then the next thing to do is help it recover. To do this, we need to make sure that the bonsai is getting everything it needs.

A bonsai only really needs four things:

  1. Water – the soil needs to be kept just damp at all times
  2. Food – indoor bonsai should be fed weekly with a bonsai fertiliser. Outdoor bonsai should be fed throughout the summer
  3. Light – all plants need good daylight
  4. Temperature – indoor bonsai prefer to be kept at about room temperature, and they don’t like draughts!

It is usually one of these 4 things that is causing your bonsai to struggle. In fact, nearly 90% of problems with bonsai come from a watering issue! Slightly too much or slightly too little water can have a big impact on the health on your bonsai.

So if your bonsai is struggling, go right back to basics.

  1. Is it getting enough water? Have a look at our watering guide, and just make sure that your bonsai is getting the right amount of water.
  2. Are you giving your bonsai the correct amount of food? Have a look at our feeding video if you’re not sure about this.
  3. Is your bonsai getting enough light. Ideally, position your bonsai somewhere where it gets plenty of natural daylight. Just watch out for South-facing windows during Summer, as they bonsai can easily dry out.
  4. Is your bonsai too hot or too cold? Too high a temperature can lead to the bonsai drying out. Too low a temperature and the bonsai can often start to look droopy, and stops growing.

Please Note: A green layer on your bonsai does not always mean that it will make a recovery; sometimes, it may be too late.

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