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Bonsai Care
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What is wrong with my bonsai?

90% of bonsai health issues are due to a watering issue (either underwatering or overwatering). However, there are a couple of other problems that can cause a bonsai to struggle.

Creating an Optimal Environment for Your Bonsai:
Essential Tips and Techniques

  1. Assess Lighting Conditions: Bonsai require adequate light to photosynthesise and grow. Ensure that your bonsai is placed in an appropriate location that receives the right amount of sunlight ie Good natural daylight but away from direct sunshine especially during mid summer. Adjust the position of your bonsai accordingly to optimise light exposure.
  2. Check Watering Practices: Proper watering is crucial for the health of your bonsai. Evaluate your watering routine and make sure you are neither overwatering nor underwatering the tree. Check the soil moisture by gently inserting your finger into the soil to determine if it is dry or damp. Adjust your watering frequency accordingly. Try to maintain the soil so it is just damp and neither wet nor dry.
  3. Examine Drainage: Bonsai trees need well-draining soil to prevent waterlogged roots. Ensure that your bonsai pot has sufficient drainage holes and that excess water can freely escape. Ensure that it is not sitting in water.
  4. Monitor Humidity Levels: Some bonsai species thrive in higher humidity environments. If your bonsai is exhibiting signs of dryness, consider increasing the humidity around it. You can do this by using a humidity tray, misting the foliage, or placing the bonsai in a more humid area of your home such as a bathroom.
  5. Evaluate Fertilisation: Bonsai trees benefit from regular fertilisation to replenish nutrients. Review your fertilisation schedule and ensure you are using a suitable fertiliser for your bonsai’s specific needs. Follow the recommended dosage and frequency guidelines. We recommended using the Bonsai Direct liquid fertiliser. This is ideal for all species and is a balanced feed providing top nutrition when used regularly.
  6. Pruning and Maintenance: Regular pruning and maintenance are essential for shaping and maintaining the health of your bonsai. Inspect your bonsai for any signs of disease, pests, or dead branches. Remove any unhealthy or unwanted growth to promote overall vigour.

If, after following these steps, you are still experiencing difficulties with your bonsai, please do not hesitate to reach out to us for further assistance. We are committed to helping you resolve any issues and ensure the well-being of your bonsai. Please do not wait too long if your bonsai is struggling – we are not super heroes and cannot ‘resuscitate’ your bonsai if it has died 3 months ago! 😂

Remember, each bonsai is a living work of art that requires patience, care, and attention. With proper maintenance and understanding of its unique requirements, your bonsai will thrive and bring you years of enjoyment.

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